Monday, October 20, 2008

My little Chuck Norris

A little background....
Back in January a friend of mine asked me to watch her two kitties while she was on vacation trip to warmer places. Being a new kitty mom, she was a little nervous about how they would do for all that time alone. I checked in every day and of course they were fine. On one of the days I brought my camera and the girlies and I did a photo shoot. They were not camera shy at all. I made a 20 page 6x6 "Kitty Brag Book" (with Zutter Bind-it-All pages and wires) and left it on her kitchen table for her return. It was a hit! Maybe she'll let me borrow it back and I'll post some pages.
Anyway, I'd never done a mini album before and I fell in love! As I mentioned in a prior post, too many choices are a real creative barrier for me. The 6x6 size and the fact that I only had a few days to create the album really limited my choices. Perfect. (Oh and I love my Bind-it-All!)
Thus, I decided to start doing mini albums. I created this 6X6 page of my dog shortly after. He's so darn cute, I couldn't resist. Of course this is where I stopped, but now I have an excuse to get back to it.
Or- maybe I should just focus on the cards for the holidays...See? Too many choices!

The die cut letters and and the mini album within the page are all done with Quickutz dies. Patterened paper is My Mind's Eye and the Paper Loft. Card Stock is Bazzill and faux stitching was done with the SU! white gel pen. Brads & Ribbon came from????

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Card # 2

This is my second attempt at card making. I skipped supper and now I'm trying to type and watch Grey's Anatomy at the same time. I don't miss that show for anything so I must be hooked!
Even though I don't like this card as much as the first, it might be easier to mass produce for my own holiday greetings.
I really like the effect of the JustRite Pre-inked stamps on twill so I wanted to try it with the red ink this time. This was also my first attempt at using Perfect Pearls. I love the detail, but it does spread, so my off white handmade paper now has a chalked effect. But it is sparkly, and sparkly is GOOD! I though about trying a chalk eraser to clean it up, but I just decided to go with it.
Again, I must have taken 40 pictures of this card and it may take 400 more to figure out how to pick up the right color and detail. Maybe if I take some time to unpack, I'll find my camera manual. Ya right. Or - I should just get a cheaper camera so there aren't so many options. I'm technologically challenged.
I'm not sure what my inspiration will be after the JustRite contest is over, but I'm sigining off to catch the last half hour of Grey's and get this glitter off my face (and hands & clothes& desk...).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first card!

I am NOT a card maker, but I follow about 50 Blogs and I'm hooked. There is so much talent out there and the projects are beautiful! I've convinced myself that it's just about picking up the techniques to put into my scrapbooks. But here's my dilemma - I can scrapbook other people's pictures with no problem, but when it comes to the thousands of pictures of my family that need to be scrapped, I'm absolutely paralyzed. Too many choices! Thus, the name of my Blog, Somebody Scrap ME!
This year I thought it might be fun to do my own Christmas cards. Right. We moved this summer into a bigger house and the hallways are still lined with boxes. What are my priorites, anyway? Even though I've had no place to work, I've still been collecting all the supplies for all the holiday cards I've been creating in my head. This past weekend my husband - who has been working so hard on this new house - finally took pity on me and put up my shelves in my office/scrap room. Woohoo! I had such a great time unpacking all my stuff and re-organizing. I haven't seen any of it since July. It was like Christmas morning! Of course, once unpacked, I had no idea where to start. Then I got an e-mail from a friend suggesting that I create something for the JustRite contest. That's exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling. And I'm hoping having a Blog will pressure me to keep creating.
So here is my first Blog post and my very first card. I had such a hard time photographing the card. I'm definitely going to have to pick up some tips on that. I've got a good camera, but no idea how to use all the settings. Now I just need to figure out how to upload to SCS to actually get into the contest.
Wish me luck!
Update - For those of you who have asked, the stamp is Chin Up from Firecracker Designs by Pamela. I've put a link on to her sites. Thanks.