Thursday, October 16, 2008

Card # 2

This is my second attempt at card making. I skipped supper and now I'm trying to type and watch Grey's Anatomy at the same time. I don't miss that show for anything so I must be hooked!
Even though I don't like this card as much as the first, it might be easier to mass produce for my own holiday greetings.
I really like the effect of the JustRite Pre-inked stamps on twill so I wanted to try it with the red ink this time. This was also my first attempt at using Perfect Pearls. I love the detail, but it does spread, so my off white handmade paper now has a chalked effect. But it is sparkly, and sparkly is GOOD! I though about trying a chalk eraser to clean it up, but I just decided to go with it.
Again, I must have taken 40 pictures of this card and it may take 400 more to figure out how to pick up the right color and detail. Maybe if I take some time to unpack, I'll find my camera manual. Ya right. Or - I should just get a cheaper camera so there aren't so many options. I'm technologically challenged.
I'm not sure what my inspiration will be after the JustRite contest is over, but I'm sigining off to catch the last half hour of Grey's and get this glitter off my face (and hands & clothes& desk...).

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